Chad Johnson offers professional athletes a crash course in frugality

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson
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“Frugal” can be one phrase to explain Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson throughout his enjoying profession within the NFL. Throughout a latest sit-down interview with Shannon Sharpe on his “Membership Shay Shay” podcast, Johnson revealed his secret to holding onto most of his earnings from soccer.

So, Johnson, a former NFL star, isn’t above flying Spirit airways and wore faux jewellery throughout his days within the league. That is one thing each skilled or potential professional athlete wants to listen to. Common individuals working 9-5 jobs declare they gained’t fly Spirit. That is actually recommendation athletes making hundreds of thousands per 12 months ought to think about.

As an alternative of sporting jewellery that prices 1000’s and flying personal planes, it’s okay to avoid wasting a bit little bit of that cash. Certainly, there are some issues Johnson splurges on, like holidays, and he most likely has a pleasant automotive or two in his storage. However not feeling the necessity to stunt each minute of day by day like many professional athletes is wise.

Don’t give in to the strain

Ochocinco mentions the way it’s exhausting to all the time uphold that persona for a number of years. It’s exhausting and costly. And what’s the purpose? Most gamers won’t ever make as a lot cash as when enjoying their chosen professional sport, particularly NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL gamers. To spend all of it frivolously earlier than retiring makes no sense, however it occurs far too usually.

Most of these players run through a majority of what they earn within five years of retirement. We all know that story; although this generation of players seems to be doing a little better with their money, some end up near broke before turning 40. Obviously, Johnson was thinking ahead about his future and took measures to ensure he didn’t end up on a documentary for squandering all his money.

Being the flyest doesn’t always mean you’ve spent the most money. Confidence shouldn’t be based on how much your watch or shoes cost. Swag is what you make it out to be. Johnson’s flex is knowing he has the money but also having the discipline not to flaunt it all the time. Working hard and buying nice lavish things is great, but that shouldn’t define a person. High-level college athletes should also be paying attention to this in preparation for the life some could lead soon.

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