10 Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe For Your Holiday

Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe

Whenever we think to plan for a Europe trip. the first thing that reminds that the budget. Basically, we all know that traveling in Europe requires a lot of money especially if you are from any Asian country. then, the amount may be very big for you because of the economical currency value. But, not all the time. here are some cheapest and budget-friendly cities in Europe for your holiday that you can travel to and requires less money as compared to the other cities.

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Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe For Your Holiday

Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe For Your Holiday


Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe

Prague is on our first list as this place offers so much value for travelers. this place is like one of those dream places for travelers. From the grand Prague castle to the beautiful chapels, it is like you landed on the beautiful soil of Europe.

the buildings are also amazing and very beautiful to watch. I mean you will never feel tired to look around the buildings here and there. the obvious reason why we recommend is because of the budget-friendly tourism.

when we say a budget-friendly package, we actually mean it. you can find so many affordable accommodations, hostels for the nomad backpackers, and going around the city with a very cheap rented car. that’s all about this place. you can write down the name of Prague for sure if you want to visit Europe. Let’s move on to the next place on our bucket list.


Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe

The second destination that we must say about is Budapest. Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The location of this city is really majestic and beautiful. Budapest stays at the bankside of the river Danube. you can make your destination plan to visit Budapest for sure. The reason is very simple.

As we all know that transportation expenses really vary on your travel as it is one of the required things when you are traveling in an outside city.

so, the transportation expenses are really very pocket friendly over here, that you can easily hover around the city or explore the city for a day ride or a week ride. you can also enjoy the nightlife of Budapest.


Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe

Looking for a peaceful lifestyle with a great morning and a Mediterranean Sun, then the Albanian riviera is as beautiful as you could expect. definitely, an attractive destination with a lot cheaper budget range that will blow your mind.

you can take the splash of Aqua waters, tanned on the Sun Drenched beaches.

Also, don’t forget to taste the classy seafood in a European way.


Photo Credit: www.nationalgeographic.co.uk

The capital city and the largest city of Croatia is covered With the cobblestoned streets, rare building architecture, and road side cafes, this city has the vibe to explore. As it is unexplored by the travelers , you will never find the city as a touristic spot, and with this you can get your orders, accomodation, transportation expenses very cheap.


Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe

If is skiing one of your favorite wishlists on your bucket list but budget is your main problem then this city will give you the perfect experience for your skiing.

you will definitely love Bansko. Bansko is the perfect alternative option for you if you are a skiing lover. you can skiing for a whole day and I am sure you will be tired also.

But don’t worry, I can’t offer you a cappuccino or any other drinks at the spot in exchange for money but a lot of bars do, as you will get so many local bars to chill and relax.


Tourists coming in Spain avoid Malaga to visit seville and Granada as there you can do sky diving. But Malaga must be in your bucket list if you wanna enjoy and also with the affordable price range.

You can’t overlook Malaga if you visit the city once. With the buddy art scene, a jaw dropping costline and also at the beautiful and electric atmosphere, malaga definately be at your bucket list.

If the reason is not enough to melt your heart, then let’s taste the delicious and spanish food with the chepaest price that can steal your heart for sure.


Porto is personally one of my favourite city in Europe. Porto is the second largest city of Portugal, but don’t worry. you can visit the city with a massive pocket friendly budget that will make a smile both on your face and wallet.

There are many cosy cafes offering very affordable bites of food and wine. wine in porto is as cheap as water. Let’s makeyour travel more fun with Porto.


When we usually thinkto travel in Italy, we think about the main hub-spots of Itali. Like, Rome, Florance, milan or venice. coming to the nomads, if they have too much passion for adventure, then they usually go for Positano, amalfi coast.

If we overlook these traditional clutches, then Palermo is one of the best city to travel in Italy. I mean, this city litterally is a underrated city that is colvered by many surprises.

From the beautiful churches to the busy market, Palermo will never dissapoint you. as there are not many travelers usually go at Palermo, you will not find atmospheres like touristic spot.


The German Capital, Berlin is one of the beaituful city in the world. Pehaps, it is the only capital in the world that offers things lower in price as compared to the nation price.

The city is very beautoful itslef with a lot of adventures and luxurious lifestyle you can expect from this city. In short, you will get the feel of a capital city with the lower budgetic process going on.


As per my knowldedge and experience, i have shared the top 10 Cheapest and Budget-Friendly Cities In Europe that will be fit for your budgeted Europe trip.you can choose your favourite destination from the list and don’t forget to let us know in the comment section where you want to go.


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