Evaluation of 700,000 years of sediment from an Andean lake exhibits that tropical mountain glaciers within the Southern Hemisphere develop and shrink in sync with ice sheets within the Northern Hemisphere, regardless of native variations in local weather and daylight. They’re formed by greenhouse gases, Earth’s orbit and different world components.


Researchers used key images from newbie astronomers to assist clarify a mysterious pink glow showing alongside the Northern Lights. It’s seemingly attributable to electrons—a by-product of the protons that set off the everyday inexperienced aurora—raining onto Earth’s magnetic discipline.


A brand new sediment-dating methodology, much less affected by the scrambling of rock layers over time, has proven that fossils of early prehumans discovered close to Johannesburg are a million years older than beforehand thought—doubtlessly sufficiently old so as to add a brand new department to the human evolutionary tree.


Pollen and plant fragments from wine jars within the San Felice Circeo harbor reveal that historical Roman winemakers used native grapes however imported pine tar from lots of of miles away to seal the jars—and perhaps to taste the wine.


A 3,400-year-old metropolis re-emerged from the Tigris River throughout a drought this yr. Archaeologists used the dry spell to additional discover the ruins, discovering well-preserved clay partitions, cuneiform tablets and a multistory storage constructing.


A 661-pound endangered large stingray from the Mekong River often is the largest freshwater fish ever caught. The roughly 13-foot-long behemoth has been fitted with a tracker and transmitter to look at the ray’s migration and conduct.