Io: Jupiter’s volcanic moon spews lava at over 1000°C

Astronomers used radio telescopes to estimate the temperature of molten rock on Io, essentially the most volcanically energetic world within the photo voltaic system


6 October 2022

An infrared image of Io taken by the Juno spacecraft in 2017

An infrared picture of Io taken by the Juno spacecraft in 2017


Lava erupting on Jupiter’s volcanic moon, Io, is over 1000°C, in keeping with a brand new estimate made utilizing radio telescopes.

Erin Redwing on the College of California, Berkeley, and her colleagues analysed observations of Io’s environment made utilizing the Atacama Massive Millimetre/Submillimetre Array (ALMA) – a group of radio telescopes operated by the European Southern Observatory inside Chile’s Atacama desert.

The examine targeted on sodium chloride and potassium chloride gases which are considered belching from …

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