Snailfish: Surprisingly brilliant blue fish found within the darkest ocean depths

Most snailfish dwelling within the deepest ocean realm generally known as the hadal zone are ghostly white with tiny eyes. However a newly described species has massive eyes and is extremely blue


21 October 2022

Paraliparis selti

A blue snailfish captured on digicam within the deep sea off the coast of South America

Dr Thom Linley, Professor Alan Jamieson

Greater than 7000 metres beneath the ocean’s floor in a trench off the western coast of South America, a brilliant blue fish swims in limitless darkness.

The species has now been described by scientists for the primary time, and its discovery could yield clues on how fish dwelling within the deepest a part of the planet have advanced a life-style to suit their excessive atmosphere.

In 2018, Thomas Linley at Newcastle College within the …

Rahul Diyashi
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