I can’t even consider what I’m about to debate, however Hans Moke Niemann, the 19-year-old chess participant on the heart of the sport’s greatest scandal had his butt scanned earlier than the U.S. Chess Championships.

I’m completely beside myself. This completely despatched me. So, in case you’re not conscious of this complete hullaballoo let me provide the Cliff’s Notes:

  1. Niemann beat the world No. 1 participant Mangus Carlsen with out breaking a sweat
  2. Carlsen claimed Niemann cheated
  3. Proof has proven he’s cheated quite a few instances in recent times whereas taking part in on-line, however it’s been tough to find out how he might have cheated in stay, in-person video games
  4. The web began to analyze how he might cheat, and it was decided he could have been utilizing a chess AI to feed him strikes through vibration
  5. It was prompt Niemann could have been receiving a sign via vibrating anal beads
  6. Now the U.S. Chess Championships simply scanned his butt for a sign

I don’t even know how you can fathom all this. I can’t even course of the choice behind “let’s use a frequency scanner to test a participant’s rear finish.” I imply, I get it, I simply wish to be a fly on the wall the place a bunch of old-school chess masters have been discussing scanning a participant’s anus for a microcontroller hidden in anal beads.

At the moment we don’t know if the butt set off a beep. It appears somebody would have despatched up an alert if the butt set off the scanner, however it seems just like the rectum was clear. THE RECTUM WAS CLEAN FOLKS!

Clearly we’ll proceed to watch this vital story because it unfolds.

Rahul Diyashi
News and travel at your doorstep.

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