The highest house tales of the week!

NASA slams into an asteroid, astronomers analyze historic mega-supernovas and an astronaut watches Hurricane Ian from house. These are a few of this week’s prime tales. 

 NASA slams the DART into asteroid Dimorphos 

The collision of NASA’s asteroid-smashing mission DART with the asteroid Dimorphos captured by the LICIACube mini-satellite. (Picture credit score: ASI/NASA)

NASA efficiently struck asteroid Dimorphos, and witnessed the dramatic affect in actual time from Earth. Engineers from Johns Hopkins College Utilized Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL) in Maryland monitored their DART probe, brief for Double Asteroid Rendezvous Take a look at, because it approached the small asteroid on Monday (Sept. 26). That is NASA’s first planetary protection check, which could inform future efforts to alter the route of a harmful asteroid touring in the direction of our planet.  

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